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Photo: Heinz Nixdorf Institut

Talbot effect based carrier generation with phase noise suppression – Tabasco

Within this project “Tabasco”, a photonic RF upconversion scheme shall be researched and implemented. The preliminary work indicates that the self-imaging Talbot effect offers the possibility of phase noise suppression during the RF generation process. Overcoming fundamental limitations of electronic upconversion, this approach paves the way for low-noise RF carriers in the millimeter wave range. Talbot effect based upconversion has already been experimentally shown. However, the required dispersive element has been realized with fibers or fiber bragg gratings which has some drawbacks: The resulting setup is bulky and prone to environmental effects. The planned realization of the upconversion stage within Tabasco tackles these issues. Co-integrating the photodiode for opto-electrical conversion with the optical dispersive element enables higher bandwidths. Moreover, the envisioned on-chip solution will be small, robust and potentially cost-effective because it will be realized in standard SiGe EPIC technology. This technology has the potential to add further electronic functionality such as amplification, mixers or even complete front-ends.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Dirk Plettemeier
TU Dresden
Institute of Communication Technology
Chair of Radio Frequency and Photonics Engineering