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Photo: Heinz Nixdorf Institut

DFG Priority Programme SPP 2111

Electronic-Photonic Integrated Systems for Ultrafast Signal Processing

The overall goal of the Priority Programme is to disrupt fundamental limits of electronical signal processing by means of photonic-electronic signal processing using nanophotonic/nano-electronic technology. Ultrafast information processing is required in many applications such as e.g. communication systems, cloud computing, the "smart factory", measurement equipment, or medical technology.

The proposed research in novel miniaturized, ultrabroadband, nanopho-tonic/nanoelectronic systems will not only increase signal processing speed but will also result in significantly improved energy efficiency thus helping to preserve natural resources and to minimize the impact on climate and enviroment.

Besides the speed and energy efficiency, these systems have unique properties like:

  • extreme small size
  • low cost
  • and programmability

Project number: 359861158
Duration: 2018 bis 2021

Funded by:


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Scheytt
Paderborn University