Doc­tor­al school at CEA-LETI in Gren­oble

A doctoral winter school from February 20th to 22nd 2024 focusing on "PIC technology platforms" and "Frequency generation and stability" was held. We were able to win the CEA-LETI research institute in Grenoble (France) as the venue.

Scientific exchange, networking and broadening horizons are the three main objectives of the winter school. These goals were put into practice through relevant lectures by scientists from industry and research, a poster session on results and findings already achieved from the projects and a joint hike to the Bastille Grenoble. In addition, there was a tour of LETI premises and a demonstration of completed and ongoing projects at CEA-LETI. We would like to thank Laurent Fulbert and Betrand Szelag for making the winter school possible in this form. 

Here is an overview of the presentations:

  • Thin Film Lithium Niobate PICs - Dr. Hamed Sattari (CSEM)
  • Barium-Titanate PICs - Dr. Lucas Güniat (Lumiphase Corporation)
  • Silicon Nitride PICs - Dr. Chris Roeloffzen (LioniX International BV)
  • Atomic Frequency Standards & Clocks - Dr. Michael Kazda (PTB Braunschweig)
  • Ultra-precise Optical Frequency Combs - Dr. Wim Geberbauer (Menlo Systems)
  • Opto-electronic Phase-Locked Loops - Dr. Meysam Bahmanian (Paderborn University)
  • Versatile technology platforms for silicon photonics - Dr. Quentin Wilmart (CEA-LETI)
  • Silicon Photonics for Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Benoit Charbonnier (CEA-LETI)
Lectures in the MINATEC Palladium Room
Group photo from the Bastille Grenoble (not all participants/presenters present)