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Photo: Heinz Nixdorf Institut


Virtual Summerschool 2020

In 2020 the third summerschool of the SPP was held. Originally, it was planned to hold it at DESY in Hamburg. However, due to the Corona pandemic, the summerschool had to be held as a video conference. Nevertheless, the participation was very good with about 40 persons. The program included talks on various topics in electronic-photonic signal processing and integrated photonics, such as "Photonic Reservoir Computing" (Stefan Pachnicke, Universtität Kiel),  "Rare Earth Doped Integrated Mode-Locked Lasers" (Nitesh Kumar Singh, DESY), "Photonic BiCMOS Technology for Highspeed Transceiver Applications" (Stephan Lischke, IHP), and "Electro-optic Co-simulation using Ansys Lumerical and Cadence" (Greg Baethke, Ansys).